Loss Control & Expediting

Loss Control
Loss Control and Expediting of Fuel Oil / Condensates / Crude Oil vessels is a major block of our activities. Insuring proper industry standards are maintained as per IP / API when inspectors are measuring the cargoes, and insuring that the Charterers are properly protected for potential losses in cargo and/or time is a major cost saving activity in which we have grown.

Terminal Europoort
Fuel Oil Bulk Building requires a well planned operation to ensure a safe and fast cargo transfer as per OCIMF and ISGOTT advice. We have gained extensive on board experience in coordinating such operations between all the parties involved, whereby the operation is carried out safely and smoothly, thereby protecting the interests of all parties involved.

Our Expeditors consist of persons with many years experience in the oil industry, as Master on Oil and/or Gas Tankers, and/or on Terminals World Wide. Covering about 12 Ship to Ship or Terminal loadings/discharges per month, our operating areas include North West Europe, Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia, West Africa and Korea.

As per September 1st 2011, Nautisch Expertisebureau Van de Laarschot BV are honoured to have been contracted to monitor, expedite and advise the Stockpiling Agencies of The Netherlands (Cova), Belgium (Apetra) if and when these agencies are to call on the National Oil Reserves in time of crisis, as initiated by the International Energy Agency (IEA) which is founded by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

In time of crisis, we will be required to follow pre-laid out procedures in order to protect the interest of our principals, Apetra/Cova/Egrep. (known as ACE). As expeditors, we will be the 'ears and eyes' and advisor during the crisis operation. In the months prior to September 1st 2011, we have advised and assisted the drawing up of the Expediting Procedures. These procedures will be carefully monitored and adjusted as and when required to be able to maintain careful and fair delivering of the Oil Reserves for all parties concerned.

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